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Spray-foam in a basement application

Spray-foam in a basement application

Closed-Cell spray foaM


  • Foundation frost protections and vapor barrier

  • Exterior wall insulation systems

  • Bonus room ceilings

  • Vaulted ceilings

  • Conditioned attics

  • Under-slab insulation

  • Basement foundation wall insulation

  • Metal buildings

  • We do unique projects all the time!

Most of the spray foam we use is closed cell “hard foam” because of its special properties:

  • Dense and compact cell structure

  • Air barrier

  • Water vapor barrier (no condensation in wall cavities = no mold/rot)

  • Rigidity reduces shifting and squeaking of the structure

  • 14% recycled material

  • 7.1 per inch R-value

Do you have an unusually high heat bill?

We can perform a free inspection with thermal imaging equipment to analyze your home/building to determine an effective solution.

StoneMill originally acquired spray foam capabilities to supply the best product to our new home clients, but we also do spray foam jobs for other builders, DIYers, remodelers, and homeowners with insulation system issues.

Open-Cell Spray Foam

While this product is common for insulation in less harsh climates, we use it primarily for sound control applications like interior walls, floor systems, stairs, etc.


R-Value is a indicator of an insulation product’s ability to block heat energy transfer. The R-Value for open cell spray foam insulation is roughly equal to the R-Values for cellulose and fiberglass. The R-Value for closed cell spray foam insulation is significantly higher.

Spray foam application video

Click the video to get an idea on how polyurethane Spray Foam is applied.